Have you ever been surprised by a registration sticker that had been expired for months? Or shocked to have a battery die that you could have sworn was only 2 years old (when it was really 6)? You can now set notifications in RideCache by either time or distance (or both), and also have the notification automatically generate a to-do task for you when the item reaches a defined notification level. For example, RideCache can create a to-do item for you to renew your vehicle registration when it reaches the “urgent” warning level. For tasks and parts, the notification fields are always visible in the edit forms. For papers, look for the orange “bell” icon on the right to open up the notification fields (see the example below). With the combination of these automatically generated to-do tasks and the notification summaries mentioned above, hopefully you will never be surprised again!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.24.04 AM
Editing notifications for a vehicle paper

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