For many of us, our daily communication and organization revolves around email. If we want to be reminded of something we often say “please send me an email”. It would be great if our cars could just “send us an email” when they needed something (I suspect that is not far away…), but in the mean time, we have improved the way email notification summaries are delivered from RideCache. Once you set up your notifications for tasks, parts or papers – and have set your preferences for when you would like to receive notifications – you will get a nicely formatted email summary of all of your vehicle items with appropriate usage status. Most users set this up so they receive a monthly or weekly summary email that includes status for all items across all of their vehicles, then individual emails for specific items that reach the “urgent” level. Included here is an example from an email summary – with red, orange or green flags indicating the status for each item.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.21.36 AM

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