Here are 5 ways that RideCache might be able to save you some money – or even make you some!

  1. Avoiding an expired registration/inspection fine – I know these fines can often be dismissed, but not without a fair amount of hassle and effort. By entering a simple notification for your registration and/or inspections, RideCache will include escalating yellow, orange and red notification flags in your notification email summary for your vehicle as these expiration dates get closer – making it much less likely you will forget to renew on time.
  2. Get ahead of a dead battery – as car enthusiasts, we are usually on top of the warning signs for something like a dying battery, starter or alternator. But what about the other daily drivers for your family? Or that kid off at college? With RideCache you can set notifications for parts like batteries to alert you when it crossed that 4 yr old mark so you can replace something before it leaves you or a family member stranded and in need of an expensive tow.
  3. Keep track of warranties – many warranties go unused even when there are legitimate issues that could be claimed – simply because the owner doesn’t know or remember the warranty terms, or still have the paperwork. It is simple to enter a warranty paper for any given part or service in RideCache, then set the notification to alert you when you are within 10% (or whatever % you choose) of expiration. That way you can remember to claim a warranty that you may be entitled to – or at least be aware to check for faults that may be covered.
  4. Researching upgrades and modifications – doing this research, complete with needed parts, part numbers, suppliers, websites, notes and references to forum threads, etc can be very time consuming. With RideCache – you can easily create wish list tasks where all of this information can be organized and stored so that when the time comes to pull the trigger you don’t have to spend hours trying to find things you researched and found a year ago. This can save you valuable time – and as we all know – time is money these days!
  5. Increasing the value of your car – the most important value that a well-built RideCache provides is a tangible increase in the value of your vehicle. We all know that one of the things we value when purchasing any vehicle is a well-documented history for the car. More and more, the buyers of our cars are going to be from the younger generation who will appreciate and value a robust, easily accessible digital record for these vehicles. That translates to an increased sales price for you as the seller if you can provide a beautiful RideCache record that you can transfer to the new owner with one easy click.

Of course there are other ways to manage the items listed above, but RideCache offers a fully integrated solution that is fun and easy to use, and offers many additional features designed specifically for car enthusiasts. And starting at FREE for a single vehicle, or just $20/year for the Basic level subscription, we believe you will easily realize a great return on your investment by creating and maintaining even the most basic RideCache for your car.

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