Easy way to get a web page for your vehicle

Many of us are very proud of our vehicles and the work we have put into them and might even feel they deserve their own web pages. Web pages are nice because they:

  • Allow you to organize and display pictures and info about your vehicles
  • Are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, even on mobile devices
  • Allow you to easily share your vehicles and work with the public

But there are many challenges with building and hosting your own website for your vehicles including:

  • The cost to build, host and maintain the site
  • The design skills required to make it look and function as you desire
  • The fact that there is no real privacy control without some advanced coding

So unless you are Jay Leno and can afford a team of IT experts to build and maintain your own personal website, the notion of having your own web pages for your vehicles is just not very practical for most people.

Enter RideCache. Although the primary purpose of RideCache is not necessarily to provide a website for your vehicles, it serves this purpose very well on top of all the other great features. RideCache provides an organization structure that makes it fun and easy to document everything you have done to and with your vehicles – from simple maintenance tasks to upgrades and modifications to full on builds and restorations. And it provides full control over privacy for each individual element so you can share all, nothing or just what you want with others.

Once you build your RideCache for your vehicle, you can share a direct link to any vehicle page on RideCache just as you would any other website. Simple copy and paste the URL address for your vehicle in RideCache into an email or add it to your signature in your forum posts. Other users will then be able to visit your RideCache page with a single click and see any information you have marked as “public” for them to view. Web viewers do not have to be registered RideCache users to see your public vehicle information. Accessing your RideCache with the standard URL is a free feature, but for users that want a more customized experience, we also offer RideCache vanity URLs for your vehicle for only $20/year (for example: myhotrod.ridecache.com).

For a real example of a RideCache web page, visit theredstuff.ridecache.com to see the public RideCache page for Danny Reed’s Duntov Award winning 1962 Corvette.

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