Most of us older car enthusiasts have done the best we could over the years to organize, manage and preserve all the information and documentation associated with our vehicles – starting with paper based filing systems, and for some, migrating to a combination of paper and PC.

Well, the old school method really is just fine for some folks and that is OK – we don’t expect RideCache to be for everyone – but here are a few ways we believe an online app (and RideCache in particular) is superior to the old methods.

  1. Your information is safe, secure and not prone to loss through fire, flood, decay, loss, etc.
  2. Everything is in one place – maintenance records, important papers, part records, event records, notes and pictures – all in an organization system purpose-built for car enthusiasts
  3. Easy to share with others if you choose – with fine grain privacy controls over who sees what
  4. Easy to associate records of different types (ex: this paper is for this part that is associated with this task)
  5. Easily searchable across multiple vehicles (ex: show me all of my batteries across all vehicles – boom, instant answer with info, receipts, pictures, etc).
  6. Advanced features like notifications, designated managers, services, etc
  7. Easy to transfer complete record to a new owner
  8. Accessible from any internet connected device, anywhere at any time
  9. A system that gets better over time as new features and functions are developed
  10. And finally – we won’t own these cars forever – there will be a next owner. And the likelihood is that the next owner will be from the Millennial generation (or even younger). These next generation car enthusiasts have grown up with, expect, and value digital solutions and they will value your car more if you can provide them with a well built RideCache record.

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